Shayna Golkow is a junior at Penn from Cherry Hill, NJ. She is majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Psychology. When she “grows up,” Shayna hopes to a rabbi, and she knows that effective communication, both in front of large crowds and to individuals, will be very important in her career and community work.




Seunghee is a junior at Penn studying Finance and Sociology. She is an international student from South Korea who just arrived in the States three years ago. She has traveled more than 15 countries, and is very excited to experience anything new in her life. She is involved in a lot of different activities at Penn as a sorority sister, violinist, Model Congress club board member, and Statistics grader.


A freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, Dyana is currently looking into a double major in Communications and in Visual Studies.  Since joining Forensics Speech and Debate and Junior Statesmen of America in high school, Dyana learned the value and impact potential of rhetoric. Education on public speaking  fascinates her because it is not the kind of subject one simply cracks open a book to learn; one has to experience it and practice it to get better at. To top all that off, one learns a little more about self and builds some self-confidence along the way — lessons one will remember for a lifetime and is incredible inspiring to watch in those who feared public speaking before. Outside of being a CWiC adviser, Dyana can be found with either a camera, a shinai, a big black sketch book, or a straw fedora, depending on the day.



Joy Zhang is a freshwoman in the college, still on the stage of exploring her major. At Penn, she is the assistant stage manager for a play directed by the Penn Theatre Arts Program, the Playboy of the Western World. She has had extreme feelings towards public speaking ever since childhood: deep passion with trembling fear. Her experience with public speaking is a continuous battle with her anxious self. However, she did not conquer it, but finally tamed it. In high school, she had been the public speaking coach for the MUN club she founded. In her senior year, she won the first prize in her province in a national English speech competition. As an international student from Guangzhou,China, she took the challenge to take a public speaking class and wanted to inspire others to also believe in themselves.


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